What kind of studies can i make?

We have developed the following tools to improve your knowledge of the user :

Test with screenshotsQualitative feedback items with experience description, suggestion of improvements and corresponding illustration, quick and easy to assimilate.
Video testUser feedback items illustrated by short videoclips allowing you to listen to the user and see his screen while he is testing.
Express testDelivery of the feedback under 3 business days with a sample of 5 to 15 users.
SurveyQuestion 50-100 people to gather specific answers to closed questions.
Co-creationDiscuss via Skype with users of your choice to refine or explore new subjects.
One-to-one meetingsFace-to-face meeting with users in order to understand needs and expectations, ideally suited for exploratory stages.

To learn what, when and how to test, you can read this article from our Blog...

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