What types of information are available in a report?

The report includes 6 parts: 

  1.  Brief: written by yourself or your Customer Success Manager, these are the instructions for the users when making their test.
  2. Sample: defined before the test, the sample includes details (age, city, device) concerning the users that have made the test. 
  3. User Score: it represent the general score made by the user and the overall comment left at the end of the test.
  4. Feedback: you will find all feedback as well as filters and the "to do" feature that allows you to put them as favorite and identify easily what are the main points to improve.
  5. Analysis of feedback: after the agregation and analysis by an UX analyst, you will be able to find in this section the graph with all the categorized feedback as well as the main points to improve if you have chosen this option in your subscription. 
  6. Post-test Survey: here are the answers to post-test questions asked after the test.

Discover a screenshot of a report or visit the demo available here:

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