Is it possible to test wireframes?

Yes! You can test animated wireframes with tools like InVision, Marvelapp or UXpin and HTML wireframes.

Click here to see an example of animated wireframes using inVision.

Here are some answers to the questions you might be wondering about:

Why start testing at the wireframe stage?

This allows to collect user feedback items on the experience you want to build and adjust it easily. It is always easier to re-do a wireframe than a complete experience.

At which stage of the wireframe process is it more interesting to launch a test? 

We advise you to integrate as many information and visuals of your website or mobile app experience in the wireframes in order to put the user in the closest conditions to the final render, so you can obtain actionable results. 

Won't users give negative feedback due to the fact that these are wireframes?

Before testing wireframes, users follow a short training to understand how a wireframe works (Click here to see it). We especially explain them  that it is normal that most of the links aren't clickable. Each user review is then read and approved by a Ferpection moderator.

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