How to write the test instructions?

Updated 3 months ago by Grégoire Devoucoux du Buysson

We advise you to follow these steps to properly write your user test instructions:

  1. Define the main objective of the user before writing the instructions.
  2. Give a context with 'You are about to test...' (object of the test) and 'Put yourself in the shoes of...' (aim).
  3. Write the different steps the user has to follow and the focus spots without telling him too much.
  4. Don't put more than 10 steps. The user test has to be simple in order to provide results that match field conditions.

Few don'ts on how to write user test instructions that will allow you to gather optimal results:

  • Don't use the website's wording in the brief but a common one, so it can be easily understood by testers.
  • Don't give too much information to the user so you will be able to measure his level of understanding.
  • Don't write a how-to guide but actions to take.
  • Don't ask quantitative questions in the instructions (use post-tests questions, they are made for this). 

Here are a few examples for the user:

First impression

Give you first impression when you land on this page. What do you think this page will allow you to do?
Launch the app. What are you first feelings before landing on the home page?
Go to the prototype page. Give your first impression on the menu and the home page.


What do you think of your experience on the app regarding the description given on the AppStore?
What did you enjoy the most during this experience?
According to you, when would this app would be the most useful for you?

Product search

Look up for a product to buy. How did the research process go?
Look for a flight ticket. Express your feeling on the content and tell us if these elements helped you in your buying process. n billet d'avion.

Buying process

Finalise your order and comment the experience.
Keep the purchase process going until you reach the payment page (without doing the transaction) and express your feelings on each step of the experience.

Customer account

Once registered, your profile is now online, please edit your profile description.
Sign in to your account, or sign up if you don't already have one. Comment your experience. 

Search of the website or the app

Install the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Reading the app description, what do you understand?
What do you understand from the AppStore description of the app? 
Open the AppStore or Google Play link. Are there specific elements that draw your attention?

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